Friends of Trent Country Park

2018 Summer Newsletter

2018 Summer Newsletter



It’s time for an update to our many friends and supporters.

Cockfosters Gates. Well, it’s good to see the Cockfosters gates repaired at last and the doors rehung. The two guide posts installed on the road side should help drivers of large vehicles to make a clean entry and not wreck the pillars, as happened before. We’ll keep an eye on how it works.

We can expect more heavy vehicles entering the park by this route in future, since Berkeley have resurfaced and restricted use of Snakes Lane, which they control. We are pressing for events vehicles to be brought in at quiet times to limit the risk to visitors at the Cockfosters entrance when vehicles are on the move.

Events. We have enjoyed a number of community and charity events in the park this summer and there are more to come – notices will be posted in advance of the major events. But visitors are always encouraged to use the park even when events are in preparation or taking place – it’s your right. Trent Country Park is for the many, and the Friends insist on this standard being maintained.

There will be a very large event on Saturday August 4th and visitors should be prepared for disruption; this will extend for at least 3 days before and after as the enclosure is built. Enfield Council is under constant pressure from the friends to limit the size of these major events, to ensure that all events make a contribution back to the park and that all damage and litter are dealt with promptly. Do contact us, preferably with photos, if you encounter problems when using the park.

Projects. The Friends continue to work with LBE on various improvement and ecological projects in the park. Here’s a quick update:

  • New wetlands – The Council is looking for opportunities to tackle flood risk in the Salmons Brook catchment area, including the use of natural techniques. They are talking to a number of agencies including Thames21, which might create small areas in the park that would retain water and reduce the risk of flooding downstream. These wetland areas would also improve water quality and create habitats for wildlife.
  • New trees – The Council is also talking to the Forestry Commission, which might fund additional tree planting in the park. Extra trees would, of course, also help reduce air pollution.
  • Limes Avenue Pond improvements – Money has been ring-fenced for this work and we are waiting to see the plans.
  • Nature Board replacement – we’ve been waiting for months for the missing boards to be replaced. We are assured it’s finally in the works …..
  • Water Garden maintenance – Our arrangement to monitor the Water Garden and suggest maintenance needs has not worked very well. It is sadly in need of a proper gardener. We will continue to work with the parks department on this and hope that our own gardening group will get back together at some point. If you are interested in rolling your sleeves up and helping, please let us know!

Public Safety and Crime. Of course the park is tinder dry right now, and we learn Enfield Council has taken advice on how to minimise the risk of a fire. BBQ’s and all other fires are strictly prohibited at all times and friends are asked to advise anyone starting a fire to be sensible and think of the damage it could cause.

Watch out for the installation of new PSPO [Public Space Protection Order] signs in the park soon. These will make it much clearer what is and is not permitted in the park. We are still unclear how the orders will be enforced but will let you know if public participation is encouraged.

The Trent Park Family Wildlife Club is having another successful season. The next session is a free drop-in session with no booking required, so please try it out with your 5 – 12 year-old family members. The Wildlife Pop-up Marquee will be set up on Limes Avenue on Sunday 19th August between 10am and 12pm. Find out about the wonderful range of animals and plants that live in Trent Park. Look down microscopes and view specimens. Listen to bird song, play games and take part in competitions. Hire out bug catching equipment to use in the meadow.

Social Media. Please Like us on Facebook and join our Twitter feed too. We’ll keep you informed!

Contacts. Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns about the park or would like to join or help the Friends committee. You may also want to share your concerns with the three Cockfosters Ward Councillors, as follows:



Park issues can also be reported via the Council website at:

Wishing you an enjoyable Summer!