Friends of Trent Country Park

Spring 2021 Newsletter now available

Spring 2021 Newsletter now available

Dear Friends:

Covid has lingered but many thousands have achieved some real joy in our wonderful park – which was even free from destructive mega events in 2020!

  • Our park has experienced a lot of visitor pressure over the past few months, especially as we moved out of the dire restrictions at Christmas. All are welcome, some more than others.
  • Runners have been in evidence and many families too; it is always a joy to see kids trying out their cycles and skates for the first time in the park.
  • Dog owners are loyal users but we note a number from further away, not all keeping their dogs under control. There are unconfirmed reports of wildlife being savaged – dogs off the leash are suspected. We ask Friends to encourage other visitors not to spoil the park.
  • Litter has been a major problem, here and elsewhere. We Friends encourage all to dispose of litter responsibly.
  • We shed no tears for the abandonment of mega events last summer. We report at greater length below on our efforts to get Enfield Council to see sense on oversized festivals that rob us of the summer weeks in the park.

We plan to resume live meetings in the autumn but hope to see you in the park before then. Wishing you a happy, healthy and successful 2021!

Click on the link to read the entire newsletter, which contains a lot more news.     Spring Newsletter 2021

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