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July update! Trent Park during the Coronavirus crisis

July update! Trent Park during the Coronavirus crisis

An update from the Parks Department.

Litter Patrol – More staff have been trained on the use of the all-terrain vehicles (ATV’s) which will support litter clearance throughout the estate. The training had to be Covid-19 safe, so that alone was a challenge. There are now two ATV’s allocated to the park. Keep Britain tidy banners are installed throughout the park.

Playgrounds – will reopen on 4th July 2020. They are currently being inspected for safety and the soft surface topped up to correct levels. Signage is being installed to support sensible use.

Toilets – The toilets will open 4th July 2020, initially on a reduced opening schedule of between 12.00 – 19.30. Some cubicles will be closed from use. Appropriate signage is being installed reminding Park Users of hygiene, the frequency of cleaning, to respect the staff and not to flush anything other than toilet paper into the drainage system. The toilets will be cleansed three times a day (closed during cleaning for everyone’s safety) by external cleaners to allow for LBE staff to concentrate on keeping the park litter free. All windows will be opened to ensure maximum ventilation.

Here’s hoping all the bad behaviour subsides and that visitors will enjoy the park appropriately.